Living in the Gift: Trust in the Divine   2 comments

Hekate shrine close-up

Hekate shrine close-up

Today I gratefully received one of the best gifts ever.

My dear friend Dver gifted me with this beautiful piece of artwork.  I had admired this piece on her Hekate shrine while visiting Dver in June, and felt particularly drawn to her long silver flowing hair, ethereal garments, and beatific porcelain face.

The timing couldn’t have been better.

I had been feeling that my writing space was missing something, and really needed to be spruced up in some kind of way that helped me feel more connected to the Divine while working at my desk.

Just a few weeks ago, I had felt the sudden urge to put a beautiful piece of Hekate artwork on the wall just above my computer: a piece called “Hecate at the Crossroads II” by Diana Denslow.  It originally came to me unbidden back in 2006, long before I had any conscious interest in Hekate.  The friend who gave it to me said it reminded her of me.  Until today, it was the only thing associated with Hekate that I had.

Hecate at the Crossroads II - Art by Denslow

Hecate at the Crossroads II – Art by Denslow

Recently Hekate has shown Herself in my life more frequently, for reasons I don’t yet understand, and I had just been thinking that it was time to build a small shrine for Her.  I do not know Her well yet, but receiving this gift is one of many recent occurrences that make it clear to me that I will be getting to know Her better!

I made space for Dver’s lovely gift just above my daily writing prayer, and just to the right of “Hecate at the Crossroads II.”  I had been listening to Wardruna and Hagalaz’ Runedance as I cleaned my desk and built the shrine, and just as I finished, I broke into spontaneous dance to celebrate (as I often do, since dance is such a central aspect of my spiritual life.)

On a deeper level, I see this gift as an affirmation of a commitment I recently made to follow my calling – namely, writing – and trust in the gods and spirits to provide for my material needs.  In response to my prayers, I’ve been reminded again and again that I am a writer, a dancer, and a temple keeper first and foremost; in fact it has been made clear to me that I have at least three book manuscripts Assigned To Me to write.  Eep!

This is a giant leap of faith for me, because money is very tight and many people around me think I’m crazy for concentrating on writing and insisting on the need to live in a gift culture instead of hunting for a “normal” job.  Writing is a starving-artist profession, right?  So where will the money come from?

Hekate shrine computer desk writing area

Computer desk writing area and Hekate shrine

My answer is that I don’t know.  Why not?  Because that is not for me to determine.  My Assignment is to complete what They have asked of me, and let Them provide for my support.  That is a big part of what it means for me to live in a culture of the gift.

Admittedly, I do feel some trepidation, and it certainly isn’t easy to deal with all the naysayers who think I’ve lost my marbles…but nonetheless, I am placing myself completely in Their hands.

Life is short, my friends, and one never knows how much time one has left on this Earth.  I don’t want to die with all this writing still “in” me, sloshing around and demanding to be let out.

I am trusting that as long as I do my part, and carry out Their assignments, They will do Theirs and I will be provided for somehow.  It’s certainly possible that this could involve big changes, such that my life won’t look anything like it does now, but if so, I trust that They will guide me through it and I will not be left high and dry.  That’s a big part of what faith is about for me: trust in the Divine.

I am filled with gratitude.  Every time I pause to look up at my Hekate shrine while I’m writing, I will be reminded of my commitment to always put Them first, over all else, and to follow my calling wherever it may lead me.

Hail the gods!


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