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Well, I’m back to square one.

Okay, maybe it’s not square one.  But in any case, it’s become clear, through the in-depth investigation and research I have done ever since I had the vision of the bohemian tea-room-to-be back in October, that:

1) it is not yet the right time for this tea room to come into being, or

2) I interpreted some aspect of the vision incorrectly.

Perhaps both of these things are true.  In any case, I won’t be starting a business in the near future, as I have run up against some enormous walls that won’t budge.  I have no intention of giving up the Work that I am doing, of course; I will simply keep trying various doors until I find the ones that open for me.  I will keep listening for guidance, and I will continue to pursue as many aspects of the vision as I can in the beautiful space I already inhabit.

Strangely enough, in spite of this seeming setback, I’m feeling confident, attuned, and inspired.  Tonight I’m listening to some magnificently creepy Swedish dark ambient music (Desiderii Marginis – Deadbeat), reading about occult groups and magical orders, reflecting on a great weekend visit including an industrial dance night and a Krampus Lauf ritual with my good friends Dver and Sannion, and putting together some promotional materials for Black Stone Arts.  What comes next?  I don’t know.  Nonetheless, I truly do love my life.


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