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Well, hello there, Mordgud.  (Modgudr?  Modgud?  Móðguðr?  I’ve seen many ways to spell Your name.  Henceforth I will use the Old Norse Móðguðr.)

I first read about You several years ago in Raven Kaldera’s Jotunbok: Working With The Giants of the Northern Tradition, but at that time I only skimmed, as I was mostly seeking information about Skaði.  Yesterday I once again picked up this book to read about You…and this time I knew I needed to pay closer attention, because You have made Your presence known to me, and I have a hunch that I will be encountering You more often in the future.

As one of the Rökkr or Nightside deities, it seems fitting that You – guardian of Hel’s gate and the secrets of the Underworld – would appear to me at Samhain, and give me a glimpse into the future of my Work.

Ancestor Shrine at The Black Stone Hermitage

New ancestor shrine at the Hermitage. In the small frame on the left is a photo of my late German father. In the double frame are photos of my maternal Swedish great-grandparents.

Recently I relocated and redesigned my ancestor shrine, and I immediately got the sense that I finally got the arrangement right this time, since I found myself easily slipping into trance before the shrine was even completed.  I had the sense that You were pleased with my ritual and offerings.

There is a dark ambient track I adore, and often use for ritual dance, that is named after You: Allseits’ Modgudr.  The description calls it “A heavy journey to the nethermost regions of Norse mythography” and “one of the most chthonic pieces of dark drone.”  I completely agree.  I think You knew that music like this would be one of the best possible ways to reach me.

There is very little information about You out there, so aside from consulting with my Pagan peers, I’m largely left to my own devices in figuring out how to properly honour You.  I trust You will provide guidance.

In my re-reading of what is written about You in the Jotunbok and on Your online shrine, one phrase stood out.  It had escaped my attention on previous readings, but this time it jumped off the page as if it had been written especially for me.

Your tower, it is said, is built of “black shiny stone.”

It’s hardly a coincidence that I noticed this now, is it?  After all, I recently made a commitment to design and build The Black Stone Hermitage, and even more recently created a new Facebook page for it in the hopes of attracting the right people and forms of support.

Hail, Móðguðr, guardian of the way down.  I will set an extra place at the dinner table for You and the ancestors on this dark Samhain evening.


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