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Shrine of Skadi Header 2

I am pleased to announce the new website for Shrine of Skaði, my dark fusion ritual dance project.

The site – like the project itself – is a personal devotional work in honour of the goddess of Northern mythology Who is closest to my heart, and it is being made public in Her service, as an offering.

It features:

* a bio page with background info, including details about the contemplative-monastic focus of this project, and the way my dance deals with Earth grief and is “rooted” in the surroundings and atmosphere;

* a ritual dark ambient music playlist compiled specifically for Skaði, with comments on the thought process associated with each track selection;

* photos and detailed descriptions of all the shrines I’ve built for Skaði since 2007; and

* an in-depth personal story (on the main page) of how this project took root alchemically in the wake of grief, loss, and a painful divorce.

This website is the first public stage of a project that has been in development since I first discovered gothic bellydance, now generally known as dark fusion dance, back in 2006.  I have ambitious (albeit very small-scale) plans for this endeavour, and for future additions to the website…including themed photo shoots in costume, writings of gratitude and appreciation for the many artists and musicians who have inspired me, a recommended reading list on sacred dance, and much more.

All in good time, of course, since my in-progress book manuscript (Endarkenment: The Esoteric in Dark Ambient Music and Culture) will continue to be my first priority for the foreseeable future.

There are no performance videos available yet, but they’re in the works for the next stage of the project.  For now, there are links to my improv practice videos from 2012 (Inget Ljus av Hopp and Lost), and a performance video from my youth.  The dance videos may look familiar, since I’ve posted links to them before.  All the writings on the site are new, however.

Comments, error corrections, suggestions, and constructive criticism are all welcome.  Thank you, and enjoy!


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