Chthonic Cathedral: Deep Earth & Dark Ritual Ambient compilations   5 comments

New project in the works!  After many requests for my themed dark ambient compilations, and lots of encouraging feedback on the playlists I’ve posted, I’ve decided to take this dark ambient ‘mixtape’ thing a bit more seriously.  I take great joy in helping others discover and appreciate the best of the dark ambient genre, and this will give me a much more organised way to do that.  It will complement my in-progress book project and my dark fusion ritual dance project quite nicely as well.

Coming this winter on Mixcloud, from the heart of the Black Stone Hermitage: Chthonic Cathedral – a series of deep earth and dark ritual ambient compilations curated with love, care, and a bit of help from my DJ friends.

For a preview of what’s to come – including in-depth personal commentary on the selection of each track, and YouTube/Bandcamp links to the tracks – check out Music for Skaði: A Ritual Dark Ambient Playlist.  If you like what you read and hear, my earlier entries under the dark ambient music tag may also be of interest.

It’s going to be a busy winter for this dark ambient devotee!


Chthonic Cathedral



5 responses to “Chthonic Cathedral: Deep Earth & Dark Ritual Ambient compilations

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  1. This is great news and I’m looking forward to listening! Your blog introduced me to a musical genre that I had never been exposed to and for that I’m grateful.

    Edward Winterborn
    • Thank you for taking the time to comment here and let me know, Edward! While listening to dark ambient, I have often wondered: “Why is such outstanding music not more widely known and appreciated?” There are a number of reasons for that, I’m sure…but in any case, it’s great to know that my blog is helping this music that means so much to me reach more people who appreciate it. That’s one of the main reasons I do this.

      And now, back to work on the playlists for the project!

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