Announcement: Skaði’s Shrine Room at Many Gods West   5 comments

Shrine for Skaði

A peek at my expanded shrine for Skaði

I am delighted to announce that my proposal was accepted and I will be a shrine room keeper at Many Gods West, a new polytheist gathering, in Olympia, WA this July.

I will be building and decorating a custom shrine room for Skaði in a hotel room at the conference, and I will serve as its keeper for the full weekend (pending confirmation of suitable travel arrangements).

Of course this shrine room will feature a carefully curated selection of dark ambient music, including many sublime tracks from the German project Skadi!  It will be a space for quiet meditation and prayer, set apart from the hustle-and-bustle of the conference.  My intention is for this to be a small, “homey” and intimate space completely focused on Her – as if it were a room set aside for Her in a private home, yet open to receiving visitors.  The only difference is that it will be temporary.

Aside from a few Heathen rituals in which I’ve participated, this will be the first time I’ve done the Pagan In Public thing.  I’m glad I have a few months to prepare.  I see it as part of my service role as a monastic-in-training.  This will be a high profile role for an introvert, so I expect it to be quite a challenge…but I’m excited and very happy!

Here’s the description of the shrine room I have planned:

Skaði’s Shrine Room will be a sacred meditation space designed to facilitate prayer and deeper contemplation of Her mysteries. It will be set up in a hotel room at the conference, and will be open for posted hours. It will feature shrines for Her, art displays, devotional writings, and decorations associated with Her myths – snow, hunting, mountains, wolves, etc. Devotional playlists of dark ambient music selected for Skaði will play in the background.

Shoes can be left at the entryway, and a bowl of water will be placed at the door for cleansing before entering the space. Curtains will be drawn shut; the space will have a “sacred enclosure” atmosphere.

No liturgy, ritual, or performance will take place, though offerings for Her will be welcomed. To preserve the contemplative atmosphere, distractions such as conversation and consumption of food or drink will be discouraged.

I am compiling a collection of art and short devotional writings to feature in Her shrine room, so feel free to contact me if you have something you would like me to consider for inclusion.  I am especially interested in statues and figurines.

I’m also interested in hearing about what other devotees of Skaði would appreciate in a shrine room like this, so feel free to comment or e-mail me if you have suggestions to make.

Hope to see many of you there!


5 responses to “Announcement: Skaði’s Shrine Room at Many Gods West

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  1. That’s awesome! What a beautiful devotional offering to Skadhi, and kudos to you for stepping out of your introvert comfort zone and having such a major presence at what’s sure to be a wonderful gathering! I’ve only ever attended large Pagan and Heathen festivals where you camp in your own tent for up to a full week; I’ve yet to go to any hotel-based gatherings. But Many Gods definitely sounds like a must-attend to me! ((Feverishly checks her number of paid vacation days for the year)) 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate your encouraging words, and I think you’re right that this will be a wonderful gathering. I’m thrilled that this is happening so close to where I live. I still have to figure out travel arrangements – which may be a challenge, given that I don’t drive at all and will need to haul a lot of bulky materials for the shrine room – but I trust that if Skadi wants me to pull this off, She will help open the right doors so I can make it happen.

      I’ve never been to a Pagan/Heathen festival or large group gathering at all. All my rites have been done solo for 20 years, with the exception of a few group ritual activities (all very recent, I might add.) So this will be a stretch for me indeed. But I’m very much looking forward to it. Hope you can make it – it would be great to meet you. You could tell me all about your book-writing plans! (Because you ARE busy hatching those plans, right…?) *grin*

  2. Girl, you KNOW I’m feverishly refining my book ideas! With every Pagan tome I read where I draw the conclusion, “I could have expressed this so much better,” when I’m done–my determination is further boosted! HEL yes! 🙂

    Many Gods West sounds like it will be quite a shift for you in terms of the energy levels you’re used to from smaller ritual group dynamics, and I know it will be a tremendous boon to your spirit–to meet so many of like mind. I am pretty confident Skadhi will see to it that everything falls into place at the right time (this is the concept of divine timing the ancient Greeks spoke of as “kairos”), through the right alignment of resources and good people. It is so!

    I am going to do my darndest to be there and I would love to meet you as well! I found out I’ve got ample paid time off this year, so it’s a matter of having good news come in from my tax return. ((Crosses fingers as a first-time home-owner)) And the Pacific Northwest is a part of the country I’ve always wanted to see. In fact, when I was a little girl, I used to daydream about being a marine mammal scientist and living in Washington state so I could study orca. 😉

    In the meantime, in between time, I would LOVE for you to consider submitting any of your photos, essays, ritual reflections on working with Skadhi, poetic musings, etc. for publication in Isis-Seshat magazine, the journal for the worldwide Fellowship of Isis wherein I serve as Executive Editor. I’m working on getting the Spring issue ready for an Earth Day (April 22) release. And despite the journal’s title and the fact that it’s produced under the auspices of the FOI, all Pagan/polytheist/Heathen/shaman/Witch/animist/spirit worker voices are welcome. Email me contributions at hekua dot yansa at gmail dot com. Huzzah! 😀

    • Glad that you are, in fact, hatching those book plans so enthusiastically. You are among the few Pagans/Heathens/polytheists/witches etc. I know about who write in depth about your “dark” spiritual experiences in a personal narrative style in a way I respect. No false humility (but no holier-than-thou vibe either), no apologetic or self-effacing tone, no look-at-me-I’m-so-dark-and-spooky posturing, no eye-rolling grammar/style/usage/punctuation fails, NONE of the usual pitfalls I’ve seen in dark Pagan writings at all…just a direct, open, engaging, honest, well-written, and detailed account of your experience. It takes courage and skill to write that way about the darker side of spiritual life. I wish I’d found something like your blog when I first started exploring dark Paganism back in the 1990s and had absolutely NO idea what the Hel I was doing, and no one to compare notes with either. (Actually, in many ways I still have no idea what the Hel I’m doing. But at least I now know there are others out there who have similar experiences.)

      I hope it works out that you will be able to make it for Many Gods West. I will keep my fingers crossed for you as well!

      I’m flattered that you would solicit a contribution from me for the FOI journal. Thank you for the vote of confidence. Unfortunately, my project plate is completely full (and then some!) right now with my in-progress book manuscript, my ritual dance project, my two blogs and assorted in-progress media projects (I’m just finishing up an interview with a dark ambient musician for Heathen Harvest, for example), my business, my studies of Swedish language and geomantic divination, and training for a new career in the tech industry. If I took on anything else, I’d need to clone myself to get it all done!

      If you need a promo blurb for the publisher of your finished book one day, however, please don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

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