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Henry Meynell Rheam, The Sorceress, 1898

Henry Meynell Rheam, The Sorceress, 1898

In recent posts, I’ve discussed staying job-free so that I might have sufficient free time to devote most of my time and energy to my writing, and to other Work for the gods, spirits, and my community. I’ve planned to support this work through a multiple-sources-of-income strategy. Toward that end, I recently launched a new Patreon account, and have been investigating other potential income sources (e.g., paid proofreading clients, taking on more short-term gigs, negotiating a publisher advance for my book manuscript, and taking in a roommate.)

Over the past two months, however, several things have changed, and as a result it’s become clear that my strategy will need to be adjusted accordingly.

First, it turns out the roommate situation I had discussed with Lo of the rotwork blog will not be happening. I certainly enjoyed hosting Lo at the Hermitage, however, and greatly appreciate the words of praise on their blog about what I do here:

“…how amazing the Hermitage, as a concept, and a physical place, really is. It’s hard to really get it from reading about it online; truthfully, I had to be there to appreciate all of what she’s trying to accomplish and how well she’s doing it given the limitations of apartment living.

“The Black Stone Hermitage consists of many different spaces: a good many beautiful shrines, the Black Tent Temple, a Psychomanteum, an altar for meditation, and even the equipment to provide ritualized tea service.

“Every square inch of the place was painstakingly planned and curated to cultivate an atmosphere of darkness, introspection, and hibernation, from the smallest accouterment to the largest piece of furniture. She lives, breathes, and exudes monasticism; she lives her service to the Gods. And the Hermitage is a rare place that has been built to serve both Them and us – though it is also her home, it is a space for our community to visit and utilize. They’re going to get something powerful there that they can’t anywhere else right now, I guarantee that.”

Second, it’s become clear that, for the foreseeable future, my Patreon account will be a secondary source of support rather than a main source. Thus, I am now back in the job market. My hope is to find a job that will allow me to work part-time hours eventually, and perhaps allow for remote work also, to save on commute time. I’ve had no luck getting into web development so far, so I’m looking at web content editor jobs, and also at bookkeeping/accounting clerk work, since I have a post-bac certificate (the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree) in accounting. If I can’t stay job-free, maybe I can at least minimize the commute and the hours such that I will have more time available for the work I do at the Hermitage. I will certainly need to scale back my community service offerings once I have a job, but that can’t be helped. If I can’t pay rent, eventually I won’t have a Hermitage to do this Work in at all!

Third, a bit of excellent news: there is someone new in my life! As in, I have fallen madly in love, and am now in a relationship with a fellow queer feminist nerd. Apparently the gods and spirits decided They wanted me to be a partnered monastic rather than a single one. It’s certainly an unexpected development, given that I have been single for a long time and wasn’t even looking to date. In any case, I think this development bodes well for the future of my writing career and the Hermitage in general, especially given my partner’s many complementary skills: photography, writing, digital audio, DJ sets, IT (tech support), music, homesteading/camping…and that’s just a start.

Fourth, I’ve decided not to submit a proposal for Many Gods West this year. Much as I would love to attend, I’ve received no guidance whatsoever from Those I serve about my idea to build a Black Tent Temple there. The deadline for proposals is March 1st, and it’s not looking likely that I will be able to make that deadline even if I did receive divine guidance at this late date. So I’m taking this as a sign that I should plan to attend as a guest rather than as a presenter this year. (Assuming I can afford to attend at all, that is. The entry fee is higher this year, and my income is lower, and I will have another huge and punitive self-employment tax bill to pay in April, plus some other out-of-the-ordinary expenses. So it’s looking iffy.)

And lastly, my next post here will feature a tracklist and photos from a recent ritual I attended for Skadi – the very first public ritual I’ve heard about that was organized just for Her. I provided the dark ambient music for the ritual through my Chthonic Cathedral music consultancy project, and it turned out beautifully. Stay tuned – update coming soon!



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  1. Sounds like there are lots of shifts happening in your life!

    I’m sad to hear you won’t be submitting a proposal to Many Gods West. Personally I was excited to see your proposal, and we want to see more shrine and temple spaces! But, please know that while the cost is higher this year (it truly could not be helped, unfortunately), we will be offering assistance to those who can not afford the registration fee. The spirit of Many Gods West is of inclusivity, and a part of that is making sure it remains as accessible as possible.

    And if anyone wants to contribute to toward the scholarship fund, please visit http://www.manygodswest.com/. You can purchase a registration or contact us to contribute a lesser amount toward the fund.

    Syren Nagakyrie
    • I have no problem whatsoever with the higher entrance fee. I would gladly pay it. The conference is VERY well worth it! And everyone involved in organizing it deserves to be paid well for their work! The problem is my own: I’m still living hand-to-mouth. It’s wonderful that assistance will be offered for registration fees – I appreciate that reminder. I would still have to cover meals, transportation, and the cost for the room I’d be sharing with Fjothr, though. So it’s the total cost of attendance that seems daunting at this point.

      However…last year Skadi came through for me and I managed to get there, so it’s certainly possible that something will happen this year to permit me to go also.

      The deciding factor about my proposal to build a Black Tent Temple, though, is that They have been so strangely silent about it. I don’t think it would be wise to do something like this without “clearance” from Them. I am planning to ask Them about it one last time before the proposal deadline, though, so I suppose there is still a chance that They will speak up.

  2. It might not feel like a perfect solution but I know there are a number of people who’d regard it as a pleasure to help you cover the cost of attending.

    Though I’d love to see the Black Tent Temple in action perhaps simply attending will give you a chance to scope out the space and figure out how the Temple could be most practically constructed in that environment.

    • You are so kind-hearted, Silence. Thank you so, so much – it warms my heart to hear that, even as I hope I will be able to swing it without asking for such assistance. I am going to try not to be too fatalistic. After all, Skadi came through for me last year, and there’s certainly a chance that something similar will happen this year. If They want me there, I trust it will happen somehow.

      As for the Black Tent Temple, I feel it’s best to wait for proper guidance from Them. If it should happen that I get such clearance before the proposal deadline, I will see what I can do. If not, then yes, I think it’s best to scope out the space, as you put it, with an eye toward preparing for next year.

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