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lanmipp-imageIf you’re on Facebook and interested in Pagan and Polytheist monasticism, there’s a brand new discussion group that I can highly recommend, for which I am a co-admin.

The group is turning out to be so fantastic – so full of brilliant and prolific writers, and so supportive and community-driven – that it has consumed nearly all of my available online time for the past week, and I don’t regret it for a minute.  Our guidelines were inspired by the My Polytheism project founded by Jolene Dawe, which is a space of sacred hospitality focused on celebrating diversity in polytheism.  The project was recently featured in The Wild Hunt in a piece by Crystal Blanton – I was interviewed alongside Alley Valkyrie, Celestine, and Yvonne Aburrow for this piece.

About the new discussion group, founder and co-admin Merri-Todd Webster writes: “It’s like people have just been dying to talk about this stuff.  Starting the group was definitely the best idea I’ve had in years. I think my gods must have been nudging me.

I’ve certainly wished for such a group for many years. I often thought of starting one myself, but kept hesitating for all kinds of reasons.  I’m so glad Merri-Todd took the initiative!

Almost as soon as the virtual doors of the place were opened a week ago, the outpouring started.  We were expecting there to be a just a handful of us, so we’ve been floored by the level of interest and enthusiasm.  We had over 50 members within the first 48 hours, and as of this writing we have 70. Apparently there’s a need out there that we hadn’t known about.

A discussion among MGW attendees that followed the founding of this monastic discussion group also led to the creation of LANMIPP, a Loosely Affiliated Network of Monastically Inclined Polytheist Pagans.  (Thanks to Silence Maestas of the Virtual Temple Project for the name and acronym!)  Since there are no established monastic traditions within modern paganism and polytheism, and it’s clear that the need for such traditions is growing, this will be a way for us to gather together fellowship groups (online and in person) to further the discussions.

There is talk of a “Tea With LANMIPP” roundtable being planned for Many Gods West 2017.  In the meantime, if you are interested in Pagan and Polytheist monasticism, feel free to join the Facebook discussion group.




8 responses to “Pagan & Polytheist Monasticism Discussion Group and LANMIPP

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  1. Thanks so much for the boost, both for the group and for my blog!

  2. I. Need. To. Get. To. MGW 2017!!!

  3. This interests me but I don’t do Facebook. I’m also in the UK so there’s no chance of me making Many Gods West. Are there any other ways of being involved?

    • I would like to have options for the discussion group other than Facebook, too. We discussed it briefly, but didn’t come to any conclusions. I will bring it up with the folks on the Facebook group again and see what we can come up with. I’ll get back to you when I know more!

      • Have you considered the possibility of a forum such as the Caer Feddwyd forum of the Dun Brython polytheist group I’m involved with – ?

        • I had not seen that, so thank you for the link – much appreciated! The ProBoards forum option looks promising, though I can’t tell if there’s an option to own the forum yourself (assuming you have your own domain and hosting.) I will keep investigating, and will bring this up on the Facebook group to get their input. I would love to have a publicly visible forum like that for the Pagan & Polytheist Monasticism group!

        • Follow-up: We had a long thread on the Facebook group this week discussing the possibility of starting a web forum. The feedback was decidedly mixed – all over the map, really. Some folks said they’d never see the group posts and wouldn’t participate at all if it weren’t on Facebook, because it’s too inconvenient and they’re already overwhelmed with things to keep track of. Others said they’d love a web forum. One of our moderators said she wouldn’t want to continue as a mod outside of FB, because she isn’t prepared to learn a new-to-her technology at that level. It’s clear that we’ll lose participants no matter what we choose – whether we keep the group on FB or go elsewhere. Or maybe it will split into two groups? We will see.

          But there’s some encouraging news: Jamie Morgan, who is launching the new portal on March 21, mentioned that there’s a possibility that we might be able to start a forum for our group on her new site. I don’t have any details yet, but it sounds like an appealing possibility, since it would be Pagan owned and operated. So we’ve decided to hold off on making any decisions about the future of the monastic discussion group until after the new site launch, as we want to see what it will look like. Several group members (including me) will also be writing for the Pagan Bloggers portal regularly, so it would be convenient for us, at least.

          From what I can tell so far, odds are good that we’ll eventually have a public forum (with private members-only areas) on the Pagan Bloggers site. So thanks again for asking about this, Lorna, because it prompted a discussion that opened up this possibility again in a way that may be fruitful. More news in a few weeks!

          • Thanks for making the effort to find alternatives to FB and for keeping me informed. I didn’t know about the new pagan blogging portal so will keep an eye out for that from March the 21st. Yes, linking a forum to the new site sounds like a good idea 🙂

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